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Why use our tours

As there are several companies offering tours in Thailand it’s important to be sure of a few facts about the company before you decide to book with them.


Any questions? Just ask, email us HERE


Maybe you just want a holiday to have fun with lots of different sexy Thai girls or perhaps you're looking for a Thai wife! Whatever your reasons to tour with us, we can help you fulfil your dream while keeping you on the right track.

Some people say that Thailand is a country that can be explored easily on your own without assistance from a guide. This is very true if you speak Thai. However, we can show you all the best places to visit, bars, go-go bars massage parlours and other attractions and prevent you getting overcharged which happens often, especially when tourists visit Thailand for their first time, or even when they have visited several times.


Experienced world travellers know that if you’re in unfamiliar territory you'll probably pay more and get less, especially here in Thailand. The sad truth is that most people don’t even know that they have been overcharged! We see this often during our tours when we talk to guys we meet who have visited alone and tell us what they have paid for things as a solo traveller. Many times they have paid up to four times more than the going rate!

Our tours provide a great package for people that don't want to waste valuable holiday time looking for a hotel at a fair price that won't charge you more money for taking back overnight guests. Be aware, some hotels charge for taking a guest back. This will double the cost of your night’s fun!

Our tours are great for people who don’t want to waste time in boring venues while searching for the best ones! Touts earn commission for taking you into lower standard establishments who struggle to find customers. Many tour companies claim they can keep you on the right track because they’ve visited Thailand. We don’t say this because we’ve visited Thailand, we live here! We are able to offer our tours at very competitive prices because we live here and our living costs and expenses are less than our competitors in Europe and USA. The cost of our tours pays for itself, as visiting Thailand on a tour with us will save you time, heartache and money!

Our tours are for adults who value their time and prefer paying for quality and service. Our tours are not for cheap Charlie’s! (as they say in Thailand)

When you book a tour with us we will email you a very useful "What to do and not to do in Pattaya" guide. This invaluable guide will help you prepare for your trip with all the facts you need for a brilliant holiday. Maps and a tourist guide books will also be issued on your arrival.

Don’t forget to bring the following essentials, suntan lotion, sunglasses, condoms and Viagra to maximise your experience.


We recommend you order Viagra from Health Express before you travel. Health Express only sells genuine Viagra and will provide you with a prescription to show Thai Customs when you arrive if necessary.