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One Of Thailands Many Islands Visit a one of Thailand's many Islands. Some are only a 45 minute boat ride away.

Body Massage

Relax and enjoy a thai massage

When you enter the massage parlour you will see dozens of sexy girls wearing evening dresses or short skirts sitting in rows behind an enormous window often known as the goldfish bowl. Relax with a drink while you choose a girl to give you an amazing experience.Sabai Body Massage

If you have not experienced a Thai body massage, you don’t know what you’re missing. The girl of your choice takes you into a private room and undresses you. She then fills a bath with warm soapy water, you both jump in and she then proceeds to wash every part of your body from head to toe. After this very pleasant experience you lie down on an airbed, she then pours a dish of soap suds over your body and uses just about all parts of her body to massage you, first lying on your stomach and then turning over onto your back. After finishing the soapy fun, it’s time for a quick shower then a Thai massage on the bed followed by some sexy fun. Just use your imagination for the rest of this breathtaking experience!

To be sure you get the most out of this experience, enhance the pleasure or stay hard for longer, especially after a few beers, a Viagra is useful. You can purchase Viagra in Thailand, but usually these are cheap copies as Thailand is famous for copies. Let’s face it, even some of the ladies are copies!


If you want to guarantee results, we recommend you order Viagra from Health Express before you travel. Health Express only sells genuine Viagra and will provide you with a prescription to show Thai Customs when you arrive if necessary. For details of all impotence treatments click HERE


For first timers, the Thailand sex experience can be littleSabai Dee Massage overwhelming since you can have fun here with sexy young girls on a level you have perhaps not experienced before. It’s not uncommon for first timers’ eye balls to pop out of their heads on their first night out in Thailand.